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Podcasts are a convenient way to entertain yourself while you’re driving to work, sitting at your desk, or when you just want to geek out for a little while. There are some great technology podcasts that are designed to appeal to different types of tech fans. Whether you want to get the latest information on cell phone spyware, or just want to learn more about household technology, there’s a podcast that you’ll like. Here are some of the most popular technology podcasts that you can check out:


Clockwise is an innovative podcast that you can find on Relay FM. It’s modeled after popular current events shows where a panel holds a moderated discussion. Clockwise is an hour-long podcast where panel members hold lively discussions about the hottest new technology, such as cell phone spyware. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest tech news, give Clockwise a listen. Older episodes are archived, so you can always go on a listening binge.


Some technology covered on these podcasts are cell phone spyware and smartphone releases.
Technology podcasts cover everything from the newest cell phone spyware to the latest smartphone releases.

Rocket is on Relay FM, too. It’s a weekly podcast where female game developers, coders, geeks and science nerds gather to discuss gender issues in STEM, geek culture, gaming, and more. Because it has a female perspective, Rocket is very popular with female gamers, coders, and technology professionals. It also offers some interesting analysis of technology’s culture, along with what it’s like to work in male-dominated fields.

This Week In Google

As you might expect from the title, This Week in Google is related to all things Google. If you’re a small business manager or marketer, this podcast is a great way to stay updated on all of Google’s changes. This includes its search engine algorithms, AdWords, and other programs that you probably use all the time. So, you can easily keep up with Google’s frequent changes.

Accidental Tech Podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast is not for the faint of heart or anyone that isn’t a hardcore fan of technology. This podcast is a must if you work in any tech-related field, because it features discussions and reviews of the latest technology products. Accidental Tech also has interviews with designers, producers, and manufacturers in the industry. It’s the perfect podcast if you love new tech releases and don’t want to miss a single product launch. I really think this podcast is for professionals who eat, sleep, and breathe technology.

There are dozens of good technology podcasts, but if none of them appeal to you, you can always start your own podcast. It’s easy and it’ll give you the chance to talk about technology topics that are important to you. Additionally, you could even pick up some extra cash if you build a listener base. If you’re not sure which topic to cover, please read my previous article on robots. It’s a popular invention that tech professionals are always discussing.