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A lot of people think that smart home technology and security systems are a novelty. They think that things like that are nice to have, but not necessary. I’m here to tell you just how necessary they are thanks to my smart tech security system (and my spy apps websites that I visit).

I live alone in a big house with lots of equipment, so I have a high tech security system with a two way voice system and many cameras installed throughout the home and over the doorways. I also have an Amazon Echo Dot in each room. My security system is able to be accessed through an app on my phone.

But the story comes when one night an intruder broke into my home.

The Break In

The security system went off but since my phone was in the kitchen charging, I didn’t know it. The burglar must have thought the house was empty.

I learned about the Amazon Dot by the many spy apps that I read.
It was terrifying to have a gun pointed at me.

I was asleep on the couch with the TV on when I woke up, because I heard someone moving around. He saw me and froze, but I could see that he had a gun. He ordered me to stay still on the couch. I was terrified he was going to kill me. My phone was still in the kitchen, so I couldn’t get to the phone to call 911 or activate my alarm system.

Then I remembered that my Amazon Echo was hooked to my smart security system. I yelled out for it to activate my security system. Instantly I was connected to the dispatcher for the security company. The intruder, hearing the voice of the dispatcher, decided to run instead of shoot me. He fled just as the police were arriving at my door. Not something anyone reading a spy app blog look for, and how convenient, right?

I was shaken, but alive. Thanks to my Ring cameras and other security features the police had video footage of the intruder that they could use to try and identify him and track him down. The dispatcher also had called back several times to make sure that I was ok.


Having someone break into my home was terrifying. But without my smart security system and my Amazon Echo that night might have turned out very differently. So please, if you have been thinking about investing in a smart tech security system for your home don’t wait. Get it and get it installed professionally so that it’s hooked up correctly.

Hopefully you will never need to find out how well your security system works (or if someone is spying on your cell phone), but if you need it and don’t have it you could be risking your life. Also, if you want to read more, visit some popular spy app website like Digital Addicts and learn more!