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You can start a podcast about anything that interests you, from technology addiction to mobile games. No matter what the topic, there are bound to be other people who share your passions and interests. Starting a podcast is easier than ever, thanks to advances in technology.

You don’t even need to have a professional audio or video studio at home to make a podcast. As long as you have a smartphone or a computer, you can start one. You can even use free services like Skype to create your podcast. You can even get advertisers or sponsors to make money off it. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own podcast, here are some tips to help you get started.

Have A Good Idea

Lots of people think about starting podcasts, but never do it. Before you commit to starting one, think about what you want to podcast about. Family issues? Lifestyle tips? Gaming, social media, and technology addiction? Write down your top three ideas. Once you’ve narrowed it down, put each one at the top of a sheet of paper. Under each topic, write down the focus and the audience of the podcast. Then, consider which sponsors or advertisers might be interested in your podcast. Compare your three ideas to see which one interests you the most, as well as which one will have the most widespread appeal. Now you have your idea.

Write It Out

What will be your podcast’s format? Will you have several guests discussing a topic, such as technology addiction or a new movie, or just you? Will it be an hour or half an hour? How frequently do you plan on uploading your podcast? Think about the details and come up with a format, as well as a publishing schedule. In order for podcasts to really take off, they have be released consistently. If people know that your podcast comes out every week on Friday, for example, they will be more likely to tune in.

Create a plan that has all of your podcast’s details, such as the niche you’re trying to reach, possible topics, guest and panel participants, regular segments, and publishing schedule. It’ll easily help you get on track. You should also consider writing scripts for your first few episodes so you can establish your tone.


You can make a podcast with just a microphone and a computer.
You don’t need a professional studio like this to make a podcast.

You’ll need a microphone for recording, as well as a computer to edit your audio files. I recommend using a USB microphone because they’re inexpensive and easy; it’ll create a digital file right on your computer for you. If you use your smartphone instead, you’ll need to upload the file to your computer before you can edit it. This can be a real hassle.

In addition to this hardware, you should have a good digital audio program for editing. While editing isn’t required, I highly recommend it. You can edit out any pauses or lapses, add filters, and decrease background noise. All of these edits will make your podcast sound clear for your listeners. Then, you’ll have to filter and compress the file so you can upload it to a podcast network, like Relay FM. A podcast network will help distribute your podcast to other listeners, so more people can find and listen to your podcast.