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You could almost touch it, your dream house at your fingertips with the help of smartphones and the internet, but you are postponing your purchase pending a background check on the property, trying to know who is texting the neighbors. You have your phone with you so why not do your due diligence and follow up on the information that you got from your preferred home-buying service. There are ways to tell if the home is perfect for you as well as the neighborhood, and here we will discuss those methods. Read on and find out.

So you have the information about the property from home-buying sites. But getting a feel for how it would be like to actually live there can be difficult. You may have the address and photos of the property but they’re just pieces of information designed to lure you in. Chances are, you are trying to ask yourself these three questions and taking steps to answer them:

  1. Is your potential new neighborhood a great place and near essential services like the police and the fire station?
  2. Is the neighborhood walkable, with sidewalks and nature trails?
  3. Do you have good neighbors who are decent and well-mannered?

With just a few exceptions, almost all the homes in home-buying listings look really good in their photos. You need to understand, though, that not everything is conveyed in photographs. These pictures will not be able to make you feel accurate about how it is living inside the house and in the neighborhood. But there are ways to give you an approximation of actually living there, without you having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Look at The Neighborhood And Surrounding Area.

All of the technology that we have now makes it easy to be anyplace, anytime. Google Maps, for example, shows you the physical aspects of the property and neighboring areas. Go to Street View and you will be able to see the house and its surroundings, which streets run-up to it, or how close the nearest neighbors are. You can zoom out of Street View and see if there are police and fire stations near you. You can also see if there are any other essential services near you or if there are noisy sections like the local baseball park or a busy intersection.

Make Sure The Area is Safe Enough For You.

People often attack when their victims are vulnerable, like when they are walking. So if you need to, you can use Kiwi Searches and see if your potential neighborhood has a high crime index. You can also use Kiwi Searches’ reverse address lookup to know who your potential neighbors are and run them through a background search and find out if they have a hidden criminal record.

People search services can help you make sure that your purchase is perfect since you are shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a home. Do-overs are going to be very costly, and it’s not certain if someone will take your home off your hands. Use Kiwi Searches, do a background search, and enjoy your new home. Learn more by visiting right now!