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Making a Website

There are many professions that require making a website. Graphic designers, photographers, real estate agents, and more. These are just a few examples, that doesn’t even include casual users like bloggers. As nice as a professional website looks, not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on them. This leads many people to make their own website. When browsing these different options on the internet, make sure you are aware of online safety basics

making a website
Working on the coding of a computer

Before making a website, you need to figure out which features are most important to you. Will you be doing a lot of writing, will you be posting photography pictures? Questions like this determine the website you need. These websites provide a basic platform for blog writing and could also become a professional website. If you do choose to have someone create a website for you, make sure to do a background check on their credentials at Kiwi searches


WordPress is an excellent platform although not necessarily for beginners. This website creator is best for those who already have a background in some sort of coding or java script. The reason that a lot of people prefer WordPress is that it’s extremely SEO-friendly. If you’re using this professionally this is a great feature to have for your business. Many professional web designers prefer to use WordPress, especially over some of the other sites that will be listed here.

The trouble with WordPress is that it’s not as do-it-yourself friendly. Those that have professional help or some experience in making websites could get away with using WordPress. For example if you were using Blogspot then switched to this. However, people with less experience may want to choose an easier option for their next website. Your first time using WordPress will likely lead to many questions.  


Wix is a great service for those with less experience. Many bloggers, photographers, and videographers use this platform for making a website as a beginner. It provides templates that look professional, and it presents a clean look to those that come to visit your page. Wix offers paid apps to go along with its services to further enhance your website. Wix is a notable competitor for those that want to get their site up and running quick without having to worry about coding.

making a website
PC and MacBook setup for making a website


Squarespace is another option similar to Wix. One of the major differences between the two websites is that with Wix you can get a free page, as long as you don’t mind using their domain name. There is no free option with Squarespace, you must pay for their service. While Squarespace is similar to Wix, it is a bit more complicated. This is why many people choose Wix over it. However, if you’re willing to pay, you will find many beautiful templates to use for your website. 


Tumblr is particularly famous among bloggers. The platform is more casual in nature rather than professional. The user has a domain with a tumblr in it, which is a disadvantage. Although it does allow the person to create their tumblr page very quickly. With so many options, it isn’t easy to decide where to make your website. One thing to remember is that while these websites can host a domain through their own servers. You may want to start a podcast after you have finally created your website. If so read my recent article about how to start a podcast