Are Robots Taking Over the World?

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Robots may be making it easier for companies to produce their products, but they are also pushing their human rivals out of the marketplace. This brings up the debate of whether they’re good or bad for the economy. The day may come when robots are used for all sorts of things, like how to spy on texts. With the way that robots are impacting society, it’s a wonder that anyone has a job anymore. It won’t be long before people have robots make their coffee, spy on texts for them, or even arrest them when they run a red light. At this rate, how will robots permanently change the job industry?

The Matrix

Hopefully “The Matrix” doesn’t happen anytime soon. In this film, machines take over entirely and process humans in order to keep their system going. While this possibility is obviously a little farfetched, the point is that people need to remember what our priority should be. Just because a robot can be manufactured to perform a job (like spy on texts) doesn’t mean that it should be. It’s more important for a person to have a job than a robot.

Keeping Jobs for Humans

Pepper's technology allows it to recognize facial expressions.
Pepper, designed by SoftBank, is a robot that can read human emotions. It is being used as a receptionist in several offices in the UK.

As industries use robots more often, actual humans can lose their jobs. The economy is already bad enough. Although it’s recovered quite a bit from the Great Recession, many people are having trouble finding steady work. I recently came across an article that discussed the impact that robots have had on industries in the United States. One article by Recode cites that when one or more robots were introduced to an industry, it led to the removal of 6.2 jobs within the area where people are commuting for work. How many people will have to lose their job before they decide to start fighting back?

Not Just Robots

It’s also important to note that robots aren’t the only threat to the people’s jobs. Automated systems don’t need to be a “robot” in order to take legitimate jobs away. As more call centers and other places convert from human labor to an automated system, more people are going to lose work.

Fighting Back

What can you do to fight back against “the rise of the machines?” The one thing you should not do is panic. There’s no reason to assume that the world is coming to an end because robots are gaining popularity. However, it’s still important to be aware that some industries, like automobile manufacturing, are losing a particularly high number of jobs to robotic machines. Going forward, you might want to look for a job that can’t be replaced by a machine.

Robots aren’t all bad news. They’ve made many aspects of our lives much easier. In addition, they have even made contributions to various fields. One example is the medicine industry, where robots assist doctors in surgery. But this discussion stirs up the question, “are our devices getting to smart for their own good?” If they can do more than spy on texts, what will be next? If you want to share what you think, get in touch with me.